Celebrity Collection Review : Good American

Good American, a clothing line co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, has been catering to women of all sizes since the initial launch at the end of 2016. Good American got its start as an exclusive denim line that focused on body positivity in all sizes. The brand quickly got major attention for their efforts in catering to women of all sizes and made over $1 Million on the first day of the denim launch, making Good American an initial success. From the beginning, Kardashian made it a necessity for all the items in her shop to be carried in sizes 00-24 and XS-4XL. Since the launch, Good American has transformed into a brand that not only features body-positive denim but also has expanded into activewear, maternity wear, dresses, bodysuits, as well as everyday basics like tees and tank tops. What started out as a denim line has now become a one-stop-shop for those who love the brand. While most are initially impressed by the message of the brand, it’s important to note that the quality of the clothing is unmatched. Kardashian truly did not skimp when it came to the quality of the line. The fabrics used in all of her creations are durable, comfortable, and fit perfectly onto the natural curves of the female body. All of her pieces are crafted to complement the body and they do just that. While a pair of Good American jeans may cost you more than it would at your local Old Navy, the quality of the denim you will receive will last you a lifetime and have you feeling more confident than ever.I think Good American has filled a gap in the fashion industry. There has not always been a brand that caters to women of all sizes and I think they have helped to mend the space between your typical retailers who only carry sizes 00-12 clothing and a plus-size store that carries everything beyond. Kardashian gives us a refreshing take on the concept of women being able to shop the same clothing, in the same store, no matter the size. Long gone are the days where women are limited to what they can and can’t wear because of size.

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