Planning Your Wedding With A New York Florist

Written for Rachael Ellen Events

New York City is the perfect wedding location for couples wanting a bit of timeless romance mixed in with urban lifestyle. New York City is filled with art, history, historic monuments, five-star dining, and an abundance of options when it comes to picking your wedding vendors. From florists to venues and everything in between, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for the wedding of your dreams. Your New York City Florist will help you determine the best floral plan for your specific design needs. It will likely be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your wedding!

When planning a wedding, working with a florist or designer to help create your vision should be at the top of your to-do list. Florists are the unsung heroes who help bring your vision to life and make those keepsake photos feel so magical years down the line. Working with a florist who can create a peaceful oasis within the walls of New York City will make all the difference. 

Below we’ve listed two tips to consider when working with your florist to plan a wedding in New York City.

Evaluate Your Venue

When deciding on a venue, keep in mind how much you want to spend on flowers. Picking flowers that accentuate your venue is key. For lush venues like parks, botanical gardens, and vineyards, you may be able to keep your flower budget at a minimum. For more industrial venues in New York City, you will want a larger flower budget to be able to bring in that lush feel. Working with your florist to determine the right amount of flowers, as well as the right kind of flowers for the venue, will be essential to the overall design and cohesiveness of your wedding day. 

Consider What is in Season

Romantic florals customized specifically for you and your day will never go out of style. When working with your florist make sure to consider what will be in season during your wedding month. Keep in mind that not all flowers are in bloom year-round and you may have to make substitutions. New York City a great flower market with wide variety of flowers to choose from during each season, ensuring you will have some great options to create the perfect florals. 

 We know it’s hard to envision how everything is going to come together but trust your florist and take their suggestions. This will result in less stress for you and a better ability to enjoy the wedding day.

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