Creating a New England Inspired Home with Anne-Marie Barton

Interior Designer Anne-Marie Barton designs a New England-inspired home rooted in tradition. By merging traditional East Coast charm with a fresh and inviting look, Barton focuses on key design details to build a sense of character into a new construction home.

Through intricate moldings, coffered ceilings, fireplace mantles, and color schemes, the home is full of coastal inspiration. Barton notes, “For many, traditional style translates to stuffy rooms, stagy decor, and even a feeling of formality.” The design of this home is anything but stuffy and really captures the essence of traditional charm that both Barton and her client love.

Barton’s approach to designing this house was sticking to her 50/50 rule, where the elements and design of the home are equal parts practical and functional as well as aesthetic. This results in a space that is not only liveable but equally as beautiful. Incorporating fine details like embroidered fabrics, rustic crystal chandeliers, and case doorways, Barton was able to keep things feeling fresh and innovative while pulling to the roots of a more traditional style.

By incorporating custom details like a hidden pull-out cabinet in the kitchen space and a wood-paneled library complete with an antique rug and iron chandelier, the New England-inspired home captures the unique desires of Barton’s client. The house is complete with hand-picked accessories like vintage frames, candlesticks, and personalized wall art. Barton reminds viewers that “less is certainly more,” and making sure your accessories are to scale with the size of your furniture is an essential part of creating a timeless design.

Barton leaves viewers with a few tips on how to make your own home feel as charming as this inviting abode, “No matter what your budget is, treat every room like it just might end up in a magazine, and you will find yourself raising your own bar and living more beautifully.”

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