Flying Under the Radar

One New York Times writer that has remained out of the spotlight for almost a decade.

When you think of The New York Times Valeriya Safronova isn’t a name that pops into the mind as easily as Vanessa Friedman might. Despite the lack of instant recognition, Valeryia Safronova has been with the New York Times for nearly 10 years. Starting as a freelance writer back in 2010, Safronova stuck with the publication as she worked her way into the role of a style reporter, a position she has held for the last 3 years and counting.

Coming from a background in East Asian Studies from Columbia University, Safronova brings a unique sense of storytelling into her writing. She is quick, witty, and daring. Safronova covers a wide variety of topics in her style section, never shying away from controversy. A few of her more recent articles speak on matters such as abortion, rape, sexual fluidity, religion, and strippers. While these aren’t common topics when you think of a style section, Safronova has made a career out of it.

Although strong in her writing, Safronova’s social media presence is nearly nonexistent. With only one public social media account, it’s easy to say social media isn’t a priority for Safronova. You will find Safronova on Twitter under the handle @vsaffron but you may be disappointed to see a mere 2,362 followers and months pass before her next tweet. I can’t help but wonder if a stronger social media presence would make her name more recognizable amongst newcomers and oldtimers alike.

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