A Breath of Glossier

“The way that I grew up with beauty products and brands was always sort of from brand, kind of speaking tops-down to customers, saying, “You’re not good enough.” Saying, “You know, you don’t know what you want, let us tell you what you want.” Emily Weiss, founder of billion-dollar brand Glossier says in conversation with Recode’s Kara Swisher. In just four years Weiss took her beauty blog Into The Gloss and developed one of the most talked-about beauty brands of this century. As a brand that puts customers first, focuses on creating a community of women and supports breaking traditional beauty standards, Glossier has been a breath of fresh air in this lip kit and filler obsessed world.

Into The Gloss was developed by a young, eager Weiss who had a unique insight into the various beauty regimes of the fashion elite that she was surrounded by. Weiss took a leap of faith with Into The Gloss and has since transformed the beauty blog turn into the powerhouse that it is today with profiles on various celebrity personnel including Kim Kardashian and Victoria Secret model Taylor Hill. Her loyal readers have become the backbone behind Glossier, whose business model is to give the readers exactly what they ask for. This alone has contributed to the instant success of Glossier and has also kept customers happy and coming back time and time again. “Glossier is so successful because they leverage Intothegloss.com and their various social media channels to truly make products for their audience,” says Alison Gaither, an analyst for Mintel’s US Beauty and Personal Care Reports.

Glossier first launched with just four products to its name. Weiss refers to them as the “core essentials” and included a cleanser ($18), priming moisturizer ($22), face mist ($15), and lip balm ($12). While you can still find the core essentials on the Glossier website, the brand has turned into much more than just those four products. Some of Weiss’s most loved and talked about products include the Boy Brow ($16) and Cloud Paint ($18). Both moderately priced, as are all the Glossier products, and focused on enhancing natural beauty, not masking it. Glossier was built with freedom and individuality in mind. When speaking on the inspiration behind Glossier Weiss states, “Glossier is about living in—and embracing—the now, not the past, and not the future. It’s about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today. It’s about being nice to people and knowing that a smile begets a smile.”

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