Pioneer Profile

Paige Arminta is an Instagram creator known for her individuality, creative photo challenges, and her love of doing the unordinary. Arminta is a Salt Lake local with a background in fashion styling built from a foundation of years spent attending the Los Angeles FIDM campus. She has gained a large following on Instagram for her photo posts and inventive styling. Arminta is someone who is seen as a pioneering figure in social media reporting due to her originality. Instead of simply posting outfit photos like other fashion creators, she finds a way to think outside the box and create something editorial and high fashion for her following.

In recent months she has given her followers a creative challenge of their own. Bi-weekly Arminta sends out a new photo challenge to her email subscribers and inspires them to create their own version of her photo. Rules apply as she wants them to not remake her photo but to come up with their own original idea using a similar theme or object. Arminta then posts her favorite photos to her Instagram stories to promote other creatives.

From photos with a garbage bin to highly stylized monochromatic looks, Arminta is always creating the unthinkable with what’s accessible to her and making it look high fashion.

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